Hey Friends! 

I finally ventured to Waco this weekend to live up my HGTV dreams at Magnolia Market! I've lived in Austin for 3 years now and it was about time I checked this off my Texas bucket list. My college bestie Katie was in Dallas for the weekend so it was the perfect middle ground place to meet up! I wanted to share a few photos from my visit and some tips if you are planning a trip soon!

So of course we went on a Saturday (mistake #1) the Market opens at 9 so that's exactly what time I got there, thinking we would beat the crowds (wrong). If you are picturing driving through the countryside and arriving at these beautiful Silos, think again. Magnolia Market was planned around the 2 silos which are located directly off the highway in the middle of downtown. I will say once you are inside the grounds you honestly block everything out and are just focused on how adorable everything is! When I pulled up there was a line wrapped around the sidewalk and I immediately panicked! 
(*Note in order to find the FREE parking lot  you have to drive past the entrance and go to the back of the lot. The first lot you see will be a Baptist church that charges $10 to park, or you can park downtown and take the free trolley, bottom line don't pay to park!)

Thankfully the lines were to get into the bakery and the store so getting into the main grounds was super easy. The venue is surrounded by tons of local food trucks and I highly suggest getting the Cowboy Coffee at Common Grounds to start your morning, it was so delicious! After grabbing our coffee we decided to do the typical tourist thing and take a ton of photos!

Such an amazing space; there were so many families playing ball and lounging with their kids, it may have given me baby fever...but only for a second! lol 

After we explored all of the amazing photo ops we decided to jump in line to go inside the store. At this point it was around 10 AM and already 105 degrees outside. So I will leave you with (mistake #2) I highly suggest going in the Spring or Fall, doing any outdoor activities in July in Texas heat can be miserable!
Once we finally made it inside, I was overwhelmed with tons of Joanna inspired decor that totally made me want to max out my credit card and redecorate my entire home, but I settled on a shirt, mug, and candle! The crowds are even crazier inside the store, so if you are not into willing to be shoulder to shoulder with people, I highly suggest ordering from their online site. Don't get me wrong you must go inside and take it all in, but if you don't like crowds and waiting in lines you will walk right back out! 

Sadly we didn't get to go to the bakery, we decided the line wasn't worth the wait, especially not in that heat. But I definitely plan to go back in the Fall on a weekday to stuff my face with a blueberry muffin, and maybe a cupcake too! (If you have been to the bakery please leave me a comment on what you thought!) 

Overall Magnolia Market is must see spot if you ever find yourself in Waco, TX. I highly suggest planning your trip on a weekday in the Spring or Fall and getting there when it opens so you are able to have the whole experience without crowds and heat! I also suggest checking out their website if you aren't able to make a trip anytime soon, everything in their store is also online. 

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What I Purchased:
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I hope you enjoyed, and I would love to hear about your own Magnolia Market experiences, leave a comment below!