Things have moved so quickly ever since we relocated to Denver just a short 2 months ago. I would have never dreamed that in that period of time I would have met so many amazing people who have helped my blogging career grow. I was lucky enough to be introduced to Ingjin San, who is a very talented up and coming designer here in Denver. When she reached out to me about attending Massiff Fashion Week I was so flattered. I wasn't sure exactly what to expect, but I was very excited to get more involved in the Denver Fashion scene.

Night one, was the designer presentations showcase. This is exactly what is sounds like; the entire weeks designers were there to show one sneak peek piece from their collection. I immediately spotted Ingjin's design, her chic white and gold textures stuck out to me right away. I was so excited to see her designs up close and also chat with her more about the collection. After walking around and seeing all the designers pieces I was feeling so inspired! I have a huge respect for designers and their creative minds. I also have a new found respect for models after seeing them stand on a pedestal under a beaming light for hours without moving or cracking a smile....that's talent!

Friday was day 3 of the show and Ingjins big debut! My sweet friend Meg came with me to the show and we were seated in the front row, which gave us an up close look as each of the designs came down the runway. Ingjins designs closed the show and seriously blew me away! Her pieces featured the most stunning white, gold, and black fabric and each design had it's own flair. My favorite would have to be one of the last dresses, which featured a stunning train with a tie detail that when pulled, the entire outfit transformed into a sexy black and gold mini dress; it was such a show stopper!! 

I had the best time at Massiff Fashion Week and have nothing but positive things to say about the quaint venue, the talented designers and the quality of the show. If you get the chance to go next year I highly recommend attending and experience it for yourself! Also if your not already, go follow @ingjinsan on Instagram to follow her journey in the world of fashion! 

Keep scrolling for more pics of the show!