Home Office Design

I can't believe we finally finished one room in the new house! I couldn't be more proud of how my dream home office turned out. We looked at so many houses when making this move to Birmingham and I remember one home that was actually a "model home" for our neighborhood had the most stunning office with a fun accent wall and I told my hubs, that is what I want!! A few months later and I can't believe this is my workspace!

 I'll explain the process and link everything below :) 

First: I knew I wanted a dark green accent wall. I felt like it was a good transition from my normal blush tones that I like to go for and I also figured it could work for a male or female office if we ever decided to sell this house. 

The Color: The paint color I chose was Sherwin Williams Jasper.

The Design: I knew I didn't want any specific pattern, so I found a few guides on Pinterest and then after measuring the wall and marking our studs, we started from one corner and just created our own. You will find it's hard to follow an exact pattern, but my tip is to secure your longest boards first and then you can play around with where you want the smaller ones. 

We used 10 1X2's
 (this carpenter square is a must or your angles won't match up) 

We started by painting the wall first and then marked our studs. You will want to make sure you are hitting a stud, we tried this a few times and if you don't your boards will start to bow outward. 

Next, you can use your tape to play around with the design. After you figure out where you want your longest boards to go, start measuring and cutting! Once these are in place the others and the design plan will start to fall into place. 

The last step is painting your boards the same color as the wall and replacing your wall plates. If you already have the tools and are just buying boards and paint, you can make this for under $100! 

We also updated the old light fixture with a new modern gold one that ties in nicely with the green wall! Changing light fixtures is a cheap and easy way to give a space a mini makeover! 

The finished product and all the links to decor are below. 

Thank you for reading and following along! More home projects to come!