Top 10 Favorite Baby Products

Hello Friends! 

I'm on week 6 of motherhood and definitely feeling sleep deprived, let me just say, being a mom is hard! I have a new respect for stay at home moms for sure! I haven't had much time to blog lately because Elle requires lots of attention, but while she's napping I wanted to share some products that have helped me through this newborn stage so far.

1. Storage Cubes-These drawer cubes have been a lifesaver with keeping all her tiny baby products organized! Trust me, when you have a newborn screaming, the last thing you want to be doing is searching for her bib, or diaper cream! 

2. Barefoot Dreams Blanket-I'm well aware this blanket is expensive, BUT I took the plunge and purchased one and I am obsessed with wrapping her up in this cozy soft blanket. I also love that it doesn't shed and doesn't collect dog hair! 

3. Hatch Noise Machine-If you've read any baby book you know that white noise is your new best friend! This Hatch machine has been such a lifesaver with getting her to sleep. You can control it from your phone and there are tons of sounds and it can also be used as a nightlight. 

4. Zipper Onesies-BUY THEM! Trust me, I didn't realize how many wardrobe changes babies go through daily. With all the spit up and blow outs you change them a lot and nobody has the patience to mess around with snaps when your kid is kicking and screaming! Buy all the zipper onesies you can!

5. Velcro Bibs-I never realized how messy babies were, but if Elle doesn't have a bib on her outift is ruined by the time she finishes her bottle. Velcro bibs have been a lifesaver because they are much easier to put on than fooling around with snaps! 

6. Wipe Warmer- This is something my husband insisted we had after day 1 of having our baby home and I will tell you I couldn't imagine not having it. You will spend half your day changing diapers and nobody wants to use cold me your baby prefers the warm ones!

7. Puj Bathtub-This has been the best infant bathtub for us. It fits perfectly in our sink and is so easy to store!

8. SnuggleMe-I use this snuggle me organic lounger everyday! Elle's naps in hers daily and the size is perfect because it keeps her snug so she feels like she is still being held. I highly recommend getting one of these!

9. Swaddles-Using a swaddle is a must if you want to get some sleep! We use the Swaddle Me brand, they are super affordable and have velcro which helps us keep her nice and tightly wrapped. 

10. Boppy Pillow-Even if you've never been a mom before I'm sure you've probably heard of the Boppy brand. This pillow has been a lifesaver for feeding and don't realize how heavy babies can get! 

Being a first time mom is definitely challenging, so don't forget we are all in this together! I hope these tips help and as always feel free to share more products that have been lifesavers for you on Instagram or in the comments below!