Let's talk about feet! 

Pregnancy is definitely starting to take its toll on my body and I'm finding it hard to be on my feet for long periods of time. So far I've gained about 13 pounds but it feels like 30! I'm starting to adapt to my new found body and limitations that come with it but I've always been on the go, so slowing down is not something I am used to. I am finding there are little hacks that I can incorporate like changing up my shoe routine that can help make a difference. I'm so excited to partner with Footpetals, one of the most well known shoe solutions for any foot problem you might encounter. I'm sure my ladies will agree, fashionable shoes aren't always comfortable but with products like arch support, insoles, heel covers and more, you won't have to sacrifice your shoe game!

I was able to try out a variety of their products and incorporate them into my daily routine and I'm sharing my experience with each item below. 

One of Footpetals very first products was the "Tip Toes" which is the perfect solution when you plan on wearing your favorite pair of heels or stilettos. These offer an ultra soft cushion that gives the balls of your feet a break and provides extra stability to keep your feet from sliding forward. 

Another amazing solution I've found are these odor fighting insoles. I've been living in flats and sneakers since getting pregnant and as we all know these type of shoes can get pretty smelly especially when you don't wear socks. These insoles not only keep my shoes fresh, but they also give me an extra padded support and are machine washable so they can be reused! 

Footpetals not only has products that help keep my feet comfortable but they also offer solutions like these sneaker wipes and deodorizing balls that are perfect for giving my worn out gym shoes a refresh! 

I may have saved my favorite product till the end, but Fall is right around the corner and I've started prepping all my boots with this Shoe Water Repellent Spray. I've been in Denver for two years now and I know how quickly our weather changes from Fall leaves to Winter snow so saving my boots from the wet weather is a must. This spray also helps prevent cracking and drying and acts as an extra protective layer against dirt and stains. 

If you are ready to change up your shoe game or just want to give your feet a break from uncomfortable shoes, you can shop their full line of products at www.footpetals.com