Everyone loves a good Sunday brunch, especially in Austin where the hot brunch spots are endless! There is just something about Easter that makes that o-so-fun identity confused mid afternoon half-breakfast half-lunch, mimosa infused meal even better. Besides time with my sweet friends who become more of a family on Easter; I think what I love about Easter Brunch is that I get to combine fun brunch style with the classic process every girl knows...finding an Easter dress.

So, how did I find my Easter Brunch look? I happened to stumble into Old Navy last weekend (yes...Old Navy) and I am so glad I did! I remember always going to these stores when I was a kid (yes I was a victim of the 4th of July tank just like the rest of America) but if you haven't been in one in a while I highly suggest it!! I left with this adorable denim dress and several other great pieces all for under $100! I am a sucker for a sale, so I left feeling very accomplished with all of my goodies! I even tried to go home and browse online, but I feel like Old Navy is one of those stores you just need to try things on, their sizes run a little large and a lot of their items are way cuter in person!

By giving a chance to a store I wrote off long ago I came up with a great brunch look, and at my favorite price..CHEAP! I'll let that be a reminder to myself and everyone out there, never write of the stores that you think may not be trending, you never know when you might come across just the right cute outfit or items you can put together to make an awesome look.

So enough about my new found Old Navy obsession, lets talk about this cute new brunch spot in East Austin called WeatherUp. This is where my husband and I enjoyed brunch with a few of our great friends, and where I found the beautiful flower wall I was able to snag the picture above in front of. From the outside it looks like a very old run down house, I actually thought my GPS took me to the wrong place, but you will be very surprised when you step inside their adorable courtyard. I am not here to give food reviews because honestly I am the last person to ask about that (my meals consist of things toddlers eat), but the atmosphere and the bottomless mimosas made my Sunday, if you find yourself in Austin I highly suggest you check it out!!