Hey Friends!
I know I've been a little MIA lately but it's been the craziest month and I needed a little time to step away and get my thoughts together. The last time I posted, I was still living in Austin, TX and now my husband and I are settled in Denver, CO. We have been through so much this past month but I can truly say it's made us both stronger as individuals and as a couple.

My husband is the one of the hardest working people I know; so when he got an opportunity to work for an amazing company I couldn't be more proud.  I never dreamed the job he would fall in love with and end up accepting would move us 17 hours from Texas and even further from our family back in Missouri. When he first told me I was extremely skeptical, I had only been working with my new company for 4 months and was loving it, so the thought of having to give that up really didn't sit well with me. We ultimately made the decision together that moving was best for our family and we had a little over a month to get things figured out. I will admit that shortly after making our decision my anxiety and depression started to kick in. I couldn't stop thinking about how expensive moving was, where we were going to live, where I was going to work, and most importantly would our sweet Libby be able to make the move?

Libby was our 8 year old Great Pyrenees we got together in college. She had made several moves in her life, from Oxford, MS to Houston, and then Austin. I will never forget the day we found the lump that would change our lives forever. Libby was diagnosed with Lymphoma, a cancer of the lymph nodes that moves very quickly and sadly there is no cure for. We were given our options and chose to start chemotherapy to get more time with our girl. I honestly wouldn't change a thing or a dime we spent, we got an additional year and 5 months with her after 2 terms of chemo and when it came back for the 3rd time we knew there wasn't anymore we could do. As the week of our move approached we spent our anniversary night sleeping on the floor of our house right by her side. We said goodbye to her on August 30th and it was the most emotional thing my husband and I have ever been through. We are so thankful for the extra time we were able to get with her and we know she is in a better place watching over us every single day. 

The same day we said goodbye was also the day we had to load our entire house into a U-Haul to prepare for our drive the next day. I can 100% say we could not have done it without the help of our amazing Austin friends who not only brought themselves but also champagne to help make things better! It took us 2 days of driving but we finally made it to Denver around 4 on Friday and the only thing I could think of was the quicker we could unload the truck, the sooner I could go to bed! We both got our second wind and somehow I found an inner strength I had no idea I had and we were able to unload the entire truck in about 5 hours, and finally got some rest! 

I've finally settled down and even though we are in a 2 bedroom apartment this place is starting to feel like home. I never dreamed I would live anywhere like this, I've always lived primarily in the South but I will say every single person I've met here so far has gone out of their way to be friendly and welcoming. I am also in love with the weather, which I thought would be my biggest turn off; but it's been sunny with no humidity everyday so far! I feel like I'm already falling for Denver! It's been really nice to have some time off to get to explore our new neighborhood and get my house together, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't ready to get back to work. I know it's all in God's hands but I am hopeful that I will get a call this week and can finally get my new life started. 

I know this post was long and not the most cheerful to read, but I want to keep things real with you guys and I feel like sharing what my life has been like the last few weeks is the best way to do that. I am finally getting my smile back and it feels so good to share with everyone! And speaking of sharing, I will finally get to some fashion! This outfit is perfect for transitioning into Fall. I picked up these trouser shorts at H&M (currently on sale for $15) and paired with this mustard colored bell sleeve top and booties for the perfect day to night look! Click below to shop the look, or visit my LIKEtoKNOW.it page.

I hope you guys enjoy, and thanks for following along!

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RIP sweet angel