Is anyone else so over Summer and already craving a Pumpkin Spice Latte?? I am literally melting here in Texas and I'm actually starting to get a little more excited for my big move to Denver, CO in a few weeks! I'm definitely going to miss all the friends we've made over the past 4 years in Texas, but I am trying to keep an open mind and trust that God and my husband (lol) are leading us in the right direction. Starting over is never easy, especially at this age and the thought of having to make new friends and find a new job has got me stressed to the max!! So of course in true me fashion I've decided to take a break from scrolling through Indeed and focus my attention on what's more important...a good Fall wardrobe! 

I feel like I need to stock up on my Fall/Winter wear since i'll be moving to cooler climates, but I also need to keep things on a budget since I will be without a job for a bit! So that's why I put together some super cute Fall pieces from my favorite store Nordstrom Rack that are all under $50, yep everything below is under $50 bucks, and I'm not talking $49.99, sweaters for $15 and $24 and booties under $35!! 

Click on the photos below to shop!
 Have a great weekend!!