My Microbladding Experience

Let's talk about BROWS people! l have never been someone who was lucky in the hair department. My hair is super thin so I've worn extensions for as long as I can remember, and my brows and eyelashes are in the same boat. When I first heard of microbladding a few years ago I was very hesitant about the process, price, and the maintenance of it all. I had filled in my brows for as long as I could remember so the idea of it sounded very appealing but I still had so many questions. 

After doing some research on how the process worked  I set up a consultation to see Stina at Zandi K Salon here in Denver. I honestly thought that I was getting my eyebrows done that day so I was so nervous and went in expecting to come out with new brows. I'm so glad that wasn't the case and instead we just chatted about the process, my health, what the recovery process is like, and do's and don'ts. She also found the right color for me and measured and drew on some samples of what my brows would look like when finished. I left feeling so comfortable and much more prepared for my upcoming ACTUAL appointment in a few weeks. **If you walk into a salon and they do your Microbladding same probably aren't at the best place. This salon is booked for months and the amount of experience and positive reviews Stina has made me feel like I was making the right decision. 

Day Of Appointment:
A few days before my appointment I received a reminder to avoid caffeine and alcohol the day of my session to prevent any possible bleeding. This was a good reminder for me because I usually always have my coffee first thing in the morning, but I decided it would be best if I listened! 

The Process:
The first step is the numbing cream! If you are a wimp like me, ask for the extra strength cream and have them leave it on 15-20 minutes longer than normal so it has time to kick in. I am not going to lie when I say that Microbladding definitely hurts, so be prepared. For the first hour of the process she worked on getting the exact measurements that fit my face dimensions to make sure my brows would end up symmetrical in the end. After that the next two hours consisted of the actual blading, dying, and repeat. Yes the process is long but beauty is pain am I right? 

Once my procedure was completed the after care consisted of staying out of the sun for a week and making sure I kept my brows coated with a specific anti-bacteria ointment to keep them moist and to prevent scabbing. I didn't have any pain or much redness after my first round and I was so thankful I could immediately go to work without people staring at me like I had giant scabs on my face! 

Touch Up 
About 4-6 weeks later I returned for my touch up appointment. This appointment ensures your brows are healing nicely and it is also a chance to fill in any spots that didn't take to the color pigment the first round. This appointment only took about an hour and after that, I walked away with much more confidence! I will 100% say this experience is worth the money and the pain because it lasts for up to a year and it cuts down my morning routine! 

Check out my before and after photos below, and please feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions!